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Plantur39 contains Phyto-Caffeine complex (Phytoflavones, Caffeine, Zn, and Niacin) in different forms: Based on continuous medical research (Dr. Kurt Wolff - Germany) on how to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent hair loss, the plantur39 hair care range provides the most advanced ingredients for a healthy and rich hair. The phyto- caffeine complex(Phytoflavones, Caffeine,Zn,Niacin) based active ingredient combinations has a potent scalp protecting formulas with the caffeine that counteracts the negative effect of the testosterone hormone, so it strengthens weakened hair roots, prevents premature hair loss, increases hair root productivity, enhances the speed of hair growth and Keeps hair production going for longer time through prolonging hair growth phases especially in females with hereditary hair loss and stress induced hair loss . plantur39 especially designed to match with women's hair & scalp over age of 40 as Until menopause women's hair root are protected based on high level of female hormone (estrogen) but after menopause female hormones declines and the impact of male hormone (testosterone) increases So plantur 39 contains phytoflavones which have an estrogen like effect so gives a hormonal balance especially in postmenopausal women. The plantur39 enhanced different forms with phyto-caffeine complex (phytoflavones,caffeine,zn,niacin) has a powerful penetrating capability that helps keep hair roots active for lifetime and maintains vigorous hair growth. Plantur39 stimulates hair growth directly at the roots and the process is extremely apparent even after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. Indications: •Androgenetic alopecia. •Stress induced hair loss. • Hormonal imbalance like postmenopausal women and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. •Increases hair root productivity. •Enhances speed of hair growth. • Counteracts premature hair loss. •Gives hair longer lifetime. •Overcoming harmful effects of testosterone on scalp
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