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VITATRON Bio-tech contains scientifically balanced amino acid chelates and complexes (HUMAN MINERALS) manufactured according to Biotron Process, with multivitamin and synergistic components. These compounds provide the body with the factors necessary for optimal physiochemical performance. The Biotron Process of manufacturing amino acid chelates and complexes aids in the absorption of these nutrients, to satisfy the requirements of cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, nervous, skeletal, muscular and other essential systems. These special minerals and trace elements chelate and complexes work in concert with essential vitamins to best meet the body requirements and aid in body's requirements overcoming deficiencies. By virtue of the Biotron Process, VITATRON Bio-tech is considered to be the most effective multimineral-multivitamin products. VITATRON Bio-tech is suitable for adolescents as well as men and women of all ages. Indications: •Fatigue, general weakness and exhaustion. •Compensate for essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements lost during dieting and food restriction. •Inadequate mineral and vitamin intake in the elderly. •Improve physical and mental efficiency as well as alleviate symptoms of stress. •In athletes of different ages and both sexes where vitamin, mineral and trace element requirements are increased. •Following antibiotic treatment of bacterial disease. •During and after surgical procedures as well as convalescence.
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